Being a mom is hard. It’s the hardest, yet most fulfilling job I’ve ever had.

As of late someone in my life has made me question myself as a mom. My ability to love and cherish and care for.

But the people in my life fill me with confidence. My sister. My best friend. My lover. They all remind me… “you’re a good mom.”

The words I need to hear day after day. Because some days I think I’m doing it all wrong. Some days I feel like I’ve failed. Some days I’m not sure that I have this whole thing right.

But. Everyday I love the shit out of my kid. Everyday I worry about her wellbeing. Everyday I teach her how to be a human in this complicated world. Everyday I hug and kiss her until she tells me stop.

Olivia, being your mother has been the very best gift, and challenge, I’ve ever experienced. Everyday I learn from you while you learn from me. Your love expands beyond comprehension. Your goofiness fills me with joy. Your energy gives me life.

You are my whole world. Always and forever. I love you.

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