You’re listening to one of our songs and you ask me if I could be your mind for you, what would I be thinking.

I can’t answer. I don’t know how. I know you’re looking for some reassurance, and I’m unsure if any of my answers will provide that.

I’m coming down from my anxiety. I don’t know how to draft an elegant and reassuring text message for you. Which I feel horrible about. This is the shit I’m talking about. The small things I do, or don’t do, that hurt people. That hurt you.

So. I’ll try my best. Here’s my best interpretation of why I picked this song for you. And what I want you to think of when you hear it.

Be my mind
Don’t like to think for myself

I love the way you think for me. You seem to know what’s going on in this head of mine. And I love the way you can read the room, and make a decision for me that you know will help.

Follow the diamond
Be my soul

You are my soul. My life. My heart. Please, continue to be that.

Look in to these eyes
I know ’em before

I know you from another life. When I look into your eyes, I find my home.

Be my light
Sunrise laughin cuz we stayed up all night

On the darkest days, you are my light. And I love the nights we stay up and laugh.

Be my mind
Only with other treasures we can grab oh

Let’s always cherish our love as our treasure. Everything else is unnecessary.

Be my lake
Summer sail down the strawberry milkshake

I want to spend every summer with you. Our favorite time together.

Be my pride
Stay under my skin

Don’t leave my body. You are my pride and joy. Always remain close.

Don’t let me take what is not mine

Check me when I’m wrong, you always will. Challenge the way I think about the world.

Be my house
Strong and sturdy

Please, be my house. You’re strong and sturdy, a home I’ve always craved. I can’t wait to live here forever.

Far from town oh
Be my home

No matter where we are, I’m at home.

Just think of all the places we’ll go

I can’t wait to travel with you.

Be my blood
Why shoot the moon when it wouldn’t be enough

The moon is you. The sun is you. But I’d give them both of up to be with you.

Be my books
Head on your shoulder with damn good looks

I love reading with you, and I love when you rest your head on my shoulder or lap. Being near you makes me happy.

Be my hands
And I’ll paint your picture darlin the best I can

You guide me in every step of my life. And I’ll continue to learn how to love you better.

Be my heart
And I’ve got you in the end I wish I had you from the start

A lyric from one of our songs, I may not be the first to love you but I want to be the last. I’m glad we had a lifetime of growing before we found each other. And I can’t wait to see the lifetime we create.

This is me trying. I love you.

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