You know me

You know me. The real, unfiltered, sometimes troubled version of myself. The real god damn deal. You pay attention to me. I’ve never felt so seen in my whole life.

And somehow, you love me. You love me so deeply that I can feel it. I never thought a love like this existed. Until you showed it to me. Hell, you taught me it. I think I’ve always been a decent partner. I mean, I had to be. People loved me. But, I’ve never tried so hard for so long. I’ve never not wanted to give up. I’ve never been so kind and loving and fun.

You showed me how to be all of these things by giving it to me. Thank you.

You shared a fear with me the other night. That one day, I’ll know I’m great. That I’ll get better, and find someone “better”. But baby, you are the best. No matter where we both are in life. You are my life. Well, you and my daughter.

I think you believe that you have to earn my love. You have to remain interesting and kind and the best person I’ve ever known. But you don’t. I want the bad days. I want the dull moments in our relationship. I want to get better with you, and only you. Ups and downs. Even though the downs scare me, I know we will get through it.

I said it the other night, and I’ll tell you again. You have my love. It’s not there to be earned. It there’s for you, always.

I love you.

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