What are your hobbies?

“What are my hobbies?” Right now, nothing. I don’t have any hobbies. So how do I answer this question. I tell my girlfriend what my hobbies used to be.

Reading. Writing. Cooking. Running. Yoga. Meditation.

Why don’t I do them anymore? My girlfriend asked me if she holds me back from these things. And she doesn’t. But I do. I’ve gotten so comfortable with my lifestyle and my happiness that I’ve stopped trying to improve myself. I hadn’t realized this until now.

When did I stop taking care of myself in those ways? I’m surprised it hasn’t caught up to me yet. My mental health used to depend on these “hobbies”. They kept me upright.

I guess that’s the great thing about 1. Meds and 2. Being in a happy healthy relationship. I don’t need these things anymore to stay upright. But, I’m thinking I do need them because they make me better. The singular version of myself.

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