100 lbs

I’m tiny. Like, very petite. Standing at a mere 5 feet. The only time I’ve weighed 100 lbs was when I was a few months pregnant. I’m not allowed to donate blood because of my weight. And people have always given me shit.

But if I’m being honest, I’ve given myself shit too. When I fluctuate up to 96 I’ve thought “it’s time to lose some weight.” Please know 96 is not unhealthy for me. My doctors have never been worried, like I said I’m just incredibly petite.

Currently I weigh 99.2 for the first time in my life I’ve been excited to reach 100lbs. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I owe my new body positivity to my girlfriend. She grabs my stomach and tells me how much she loves it. Stretch marks and all. She makes me feel beautiful and sexy in my natural and healthy body.

I’ve never felt so good about my weight.

I’ve never realized how unhealthy I was before.

100lbs here I come.

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