I love you

July 12, 2020

I can’t sleep, again. But it’s okay I’m not even upset. Why am I not upset? Because my life is beautiful.

I started to write in my journal about you, but I can get so much more out on a computer…. So here it is.

I am very much in love with Ashley. She fills me up. She makes it so easy to love and to live. She is my home. I can’t wait to live with her someday. At some point in time I get to wake up next to her everyday, except when she’s travelling.

Ashley has warned me about travelling. She does it for work. She brings this up sometimes, but I think it’ll be fine. I’ll miss her a ton, but I think it’s good for the relationship. Besides, I’d be willing to do anything to be with this girl. She is my soulmate.

Earlier today I was anxious and all I wanted to do was text her and tell her how I was feeling. Because she’s my god damn person and I want to share everything with her.

Not long ago I told Ashley I was scared of becoming co-dependent. She assured me we are NOT co-dependent and why, and I feel better about it. We are just an average lesbian couple in the honey moon phase, not to mention we are totally in love with each other.

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