I can’t sleep, but I’m okay.


I can’t sleep tonight, which is fine. I’m honestly used to it. But there’s something different about tonight. I’m not depressed, I’m not anxious, I’m just awake.

I’ve done a lot of healing the last couple of years with the help of an amazing therapist. I am so thankful for the growth that has occurred.

Usually when I can’t sleep, I write. Usually when I write, it’s to soothe. But there’s nothing to soothe right now.

I’m currently sitting on my girlfriends porch. 12:21 AM and completely in love. I am with the best girl, everything I want in a partner she has. Funny. Humble. Gracious. Beautiful inside and out. Communicative. Vulnerable. Raw. Open. Honest. She’s my best friend. My partner. My soul mate.

In the midst of a pandemic we found love.

I am happy. I am whole. I am awake.

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