My person


What’s a soulmate? Someone who loves you unconditionally. Your best friend. Your number one supporter. Someone you can be comfortable around without a second thought. I’ve gone back and forth about soulmates. They’re real. They’re not. Back and forth back and forth. But now I know, they’re real.

My best friend is my girlfriend. I’ve never felt so comfortable, held, and loved. I’ve also never felt so sure. We joke, just weeks in, that we will be married in 2024. And man I can’t wait for that year. Even if it doesn’t come then, I know it will come eventually. It’s a type of knowing in your gut. You know, it feels real and honest and raw. It also feels so sure.

Even in moments of uncertainty, I see her and I’m at ease. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. I’d lie if I said I wasn’t terrified of things going wrong or losing her, but within minuets I’m reminded – it’s us, and we will work through it all.

In your arms I feel safe baby. I’m home. Thank you for welcoming me here. I can’t wait for forever.

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