What I love about you

When I used to tell Katie, my ex, what I loved about her (early on), she said sometimes I think you just love the way I make you feel, the things I do for you. While that wasn’t true, I loved her, there was truth in my answers. It did often revolve around things she did for me.

But the other day I was looking at you and thought, what do I love about this woman? And here are the thoughts that quickly flowed through my mind:

  • Your laugh, the biggest thing I’ve heard. It is so full of joy.
  • Joy, the way you find humor in the world.
  • The way you talk on the phone for work.
  • Kindness, you are so generous.
  • Your poetry.
  • The way you love love.
  • Your music choice.
  • Your home, I love the way it’s decorated.
  • Creativeness.
  • The constant jokes.
  • The way you talk, you are amazing at holding conversations.
  • Your singing


What I love about the way you make me feel.

  • I am heard with you, always.
  • You take care of me.
  • Your romantic gestures, even if we are just friends.

I wrote this before I told the girl I love that I loved her. And as we’re dating I’m learning so many more things that I love about her. I feel blessed. This is the healthiest relationship I’ve ever experienced. As my friend said to me, it sounds like the real deal.

Well it is baby. We’re the real fucking deal. I love you.

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