I was talking to my best friend, and she said honestly, life would be so boring if I had control over my impulses and that hit me. Finally, someone who understands why I love my impulsive side, instead of trying to control and mitigate her.

My impulsive side: She is my best asset. My greatest friend. Someone who gives me stories and more importantly, memories. Who would I be without all my un-finished projects and hobbies. Who would I be without my random tattoos? What would be my interesting icebreaker fact about myself if I couldn’t say, I’ve had NINETEEN piercings. 

I love cutting and dyeing my hair, and making crazy decisions, and sending the text before thinking about it. I love how BIG I feel and the way those feelings lead to action. I love the way I come up with new ideas about how to take care of myself, how I want to be as a person, who I am as a friend and a mother. I’m always learning and growing, and I think without my impulses I wouldn’t be there.

I wouldn’t be in the middle of a yoga teacher training or have a musical keyboard in my house. I wouldn’t have the life I live or the insight to be a counselor or the ability to understand so many perspectives. I wouldn’t be me.

And I’m fucking awesome. Impulses, disorders, and all that is me – is fucking awesome.

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