I want to fall in love


I think I was on the right track, but the girl I decided to date has decided we’re too different. I agree, we are. She wasn’t the one, but man did I want to feel love again.

I learned a lot from this short relationship.

  • I learned never to ghost anyone, to not fall off the side of the Earth with distance and surfaced responses – because fuck that shit sucks.
  • I learned that I can be with someone and not think about my ex in the process, I can have fresh eyes for new people.
  • I learned to be okay with someone who is different than me, and not my type. Maybe I don’t even have a type. I know how to let differing opinions and interests roll of my back and care about that person for them.
  • Most importantly, I learned I am finally ready to date again. And hopefully fall in love.


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