She kisses me in the morning


I show a girl my “crystal” collection.

Am I “into” crystals? No. Do I think they’re interesting and pretty? Yup. Do I remember how much my ex gave me shit for them? Hell yeah.

I make jokes and send pictures of my precious rocks.

“Do you still like me?”

I’m testing the waters. Are you going to ridicule me for my interests? If this becomes a “thing” am I going to be comfortable being myself?

“Hell yeah I still like you!” 

And everything is at ease.

She kisses me in the morning. She checks in on me when I’m sad. She’s patient when I’m distant. She’s supportive and energetic. She humors me. She puts a melatonin in my mouth because she knows I can’t sleep. She buys me plants. She says I’m pretty, and also interesting. She reminds me of no one, which is pleasant.

I’ve been running from the thought of dating this girl, because I’m scared to commit to someone again. When I’m with her my brain stops over thinking and I am just in pure bliss. I could fall for her.

Maybe it’s just the honeymoon. But regardless, I want to move past the honeymoon. I want to see what’s on the other side. And that’s scary, but man it feels right.

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