Do I miss YOU?

I’ve been thinking about my ex-girlfriend a lot, mostly because we’ve been exploring the idea of being friends. Also because I’m seeing someone new.

You know after a relationship when you lay in the arms of someone new, and suddenly a partner from your past just pops in your head. What is that? Is it because I spent so many nights tied up with you in the same way? Or because how just over a year ago I’d lie on your chest and think to myself there’s no other place I belong? 

Lately my feelings about you have shifted, and I feel good about it.

I question if I really miss our relationship, or do I just miss the comfort of it. I think spending 3 1/2 years with someone is hard to move on from. We had traditions and routines that just vanished overnight. Apparently I needed nearly a year to be okay with those routines no longer being a part of my life. I have been letting you go piece by piece, moment by moment, for months. Finally, I’m ready to set the last bit of it down.

I don’t want to be a part of unhealthy patterns anymore, at least not with you.

We’ve run our course. It’s time for a real goodbye.

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