Good Thing Go


Of course… A love song on Spotify.

Nothing but falling in love and breaking up on my randomized playlists.

Since my last break up nearly a year ago,

This is the music I get.

Stringing together words that make me stop,

Make me think.

It sounds like home.

“I want to be your like your morning coffee,

Always the first thing that you do.

Baby I know what you’re thinking before the words even come out of your mouth.

And baby when I look at you, I forget what the hell we were talking about.

I don’t deserve you.

If I ever hurt you, If I ever lost you.

I’d die.”

My heart beats.

Your face flashes.

Thump. Your smile.

Thump. Your laugh.

Thump. You.


What is love? Is this it? When will it end?

Most importantly, what do I do?

The song ends. I shake you from the forefront of my mind.

I can’t. So, we can’t.

Next song.

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