A Home

You found a home in me.

Home for each of us used to be chaotic.

Actively searching for love, comfort and stability.

Trudging through each and every trauma,

Year in and year out.

Home was an emotional roller coaster.

But we are not.

At least, not always.


Today, we both like to engage in the occasional recklessness.

We push people away, because relationships don’t last.

Self-destructive, but also self-reflective.

A constant state of double consciousness.

Critical yet also nurturing.


You were a solace at the beginning.

Unknowingly I was desperately filling a void left by my ex.

And every other person I’ve loved.

Before I was ready, I jumped.

And there you were.

We both tried to be ready.

Aware of our personal brands of chaos, and the potential implosion.

But it was home – so everything felt okay even if it wasn’t.


You remind me of my sister, in the best ways.

You remind me of my greatest friends, in the best ways.

You remind me of me childhood, in the best ways.

Today, you remind me of you.

You are my favorite type of home.

One that is safe and stable, but also knows pain.

It holds love and has no room for judgement.

At least not the judgement that last forever.

Comfortable, kind, compassionate.

Human in every way.

Thank you for being my current home.

And more importantly, my current best friend.

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