Feeling like I’ve failed

I had grand ideas for a year of more. But of course, things went off track. I fell through, I was impulsive, I shopped, I gave up.

I was planning on saving money for a yoga teacher training, but then one night decided I would just sign up NOW. Which don’t get me wrong, I love the training. But now I’m broke and WAY too busy to do the monthly year of more plans I had mapped out for myself. Hell I didn’t even accomplish Novembers.

Today, I decided instead of giving up on it entirely and feeling like I’ve failed, I just need to recreate my map and start the year of less over. This means October to October – no shopping other than my pre-approved lists.

Teacher training is through January, so from now until them I am going to focus solely on not shopping, de-cluttering my home and my life, and this yoga teacher training. All the other monthly goals I had planned for myself will be moved and possibly changed.

I’m a quitter, but I won’t always be. Here’s to a new month, here’s to starting again today, here’s to changing the way I live my life.

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