Trust Me

“Trust Me”

She says. The words sound so sincere.

Her brown eyes look at me, full of something.

Love? Hope? Pain? Exhaustion?

They all are starting to look the same again.

My breath deepens as I let out a sigh,


quietly escapes my lips.

My eyes close as I burn this memory into my mind.

Trust her, just trust…




It’s nighttime.

“I’m drunk”

She says.

I asked her one thing.

Do not come home drunk. Not tonight.

My heart is already heavy and fragile.

It cannot handle any more.

Her words slur and the smile is permanent on her face.

“I’m nervous” 

She says.

“I’m sorry.”

She says.

I breathe deeply but all I can hear is her earlier request.

“Trust me.” 

In this moment all I can think is why.

And I realize, I can’t trust you.

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