The constant realization – I am a parent

Are you ever reminded that you’re a parent

Some moments I find my myself thinking

You’re a mom, like a real mom.” 

Today my daughter made jokes and played pranks.

My daughter got undressed and put on red nightgown

Disney princess on the front. Tag in the back.

I stop, shocked. When did I stop putting her pajamas on for her?

Did I notice? Did you notice when your child did these things too?

Tonight she used words I didn’t know were in her vocabulary.

She asked reflective questions and made connections I didn’t know she could.

How does it seem like she’s grown years in the last week?

And where did the past five years go?

They were so hard and exhausting. They were so beautiful and awakening.

I remember the moments crying at night because taking care of a newborn was hard.

Her first steps feel like they were mere weeks ago.

Her words and phrases are growing like a forest wildfire.

Her heart is bigger than I imagined it would be.

She’s growing up so fast and I can’t go backwards.

How I parent matters.

What I say matters.

The way I treat myself and others matters.

Because she’s watching. And if you have kids too, they are watching.

They are observing.

I’m a mom. I’m a mom.

Sometimes that thought still feels so wild.

This little person is by my side, forever growing and learning.

I am so blessed, and I want to pause time.

It feel like I’ve missed so much lately.

When did she grow up and who said I was capable of raising a human?

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